TheKAZ Grid

Buying or Renting Land

Land is available to rent in TheKaz Grid

TheKaz Grid offers Free Land at the Sweetwater Region for TheKaz residents. While free land is good there is nothing quite like owning your own Region(s). TheKaz Grid offers a variety of solutions below, or, if you have special needs please discuss. If you wish to rent a region please contact Kazuko.Yoshida regarding this. Please send a notecard or message if online.

TypeSizePrimsMonthly Fees
Standalone/Private Region256x256150003600G$
Mainland Region256x256150004000G$
Kazpian Sea Region256x256150004000G$
Var Regions256x256150003600G$
* Mainland Regions should be rated G
* Special conditions apply if you wish for a Mainland or Kazpian Sea Region
* Var Regions Fees are a multiple of the base Region Size
* Var Regions must be standalone
* All transactions are in Gloebits